• T.H., Patient in Private Practice

“Clarity and sophistication in communication sets Dr. Maloof apart from every other doctor I’ve gone to. I’m a biologist myself, so get frustrated when doctors oversimplify discussions of my health. Dr. Maloof was engaging, and was able to inform me about some health issues that I’d previously missed.”

  • S.C., Patient in Private Practice

“It is just really cool to have this all broken down. Hours of my personal research, and you basically just managed to summarize all of it in a blood draw, some documents and an interview. F***ing awesome.”

  • M.K., Patient in Private Practice

“Dr. Maloof was amazing, one of the best experiences I’ve had with a doctor.”

  • C.A., Patient at MetaMed

“In these days of so much medical advancement it is very hard to keep up with latest news and breakthroughs and to add all the misinformation on the internet can leave one quite confused. My good fortune of meeting Dr. Molly Maloof set a positive course of action on finding the best option! She was compassionate and focused on finding the best options! She kept multi-daily contact with me to assure I was in full understanding of every update. A cure of my illness was her mission and MetaMed’s research enable me to be part of a cutting edge trial that shows promising results of which would have been impossible on my own to find.”

  • Dr. Abhay Dandekar, MD

“Dr. Maloof has remained committed to supporting digital health and technology as it applies to direct patient care… Her medical knowledge and ability to synthesize information in the educational and patient care environment as they relate to technology and wellness are strong traits that I have personally witnessed.”

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