Silicon Valley

I considered getting an MBA, but felt a better way to learn business would be to gain first-hand experience. I started working as a Medical Advisor at MetaMed, a digital health company that delivered personalized medical research to clients. For my first project, I performed research on research methods to train a team of researchers–you cannot get much more meta than that. I still use the methodology that I created to collect, evaluate, and analyze medical research. This job was a phenomenal prelude to my next move.

In the summer of 2013, I opened a boutique consulting company in San Francisco and began advising health technology startups and venture capital firms that needed insight into the mainstream health care system. I specialize in research, clinical strategy, scientific marketing, & product development. I dive deep into existing research and summarize the science to provide evidence for medical technology use-cases and applications. I particularly enjoy the challenge of making meaning out of signal using bioinformatics & library science.

For companies that are pioneering new science and technology, I find analogous examples of innovations from the past and create roadmaps into the future. I use systems thinking and design thinking to provide strategic foresight to identify pathways for market entry. This work enhanced my ability to ask insightful questions, think creatively, and use my imagination to identify pragmatic solutions to my clients’ problems.