• Dr. Richard Lee, MD

“Dr. Maloof was hired due to her reputation as a ‘Thought Leader’ in the area of applying personal health data to improving health outcomes… All of my interactions with Dr. Maloof in my office or with my patients found her to be completely honest, intelligent, caring, and creative.”

  • Ashwin Pushpala, CEO at Sano Intelligence

“Molly has been a wonderful asset to the team at Sano. She provided a refreshing perspective on the ability for our technologies to affect positive change in the lives of our customers. Every piece of her work product was organized, detailed, and based on solid clinical research. In her very short time with the company, she has already provided us with extremely actionable clinical insights that are core to our product definition and design. I highly recommend Molly!”

  • Jahed Momand, Colleague at MetaMed

“Molly is a powerful holistic thinker, with profound empathy for customers/users. As Product Manager at MetaMed, she was a voice for customers at the table. She gathered customer feedback and interviews and tailored product development specifically toward customer needs. She understands the healthcare system and its constraints from the inside out; she truly understands what ‘disruptive healthcare innovation’ means and how it can be accomplished. With her proven track record of customer and product development to turn that understanding into solid business outcomes, her eye for good design, and ability to get things done, she’s a solid asset to any startup or institution operating in the digital health or biotechnology space.”

  • Catie Wilcox, Conference Assistant, National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine

“Last year our scholars really enjoyed your presentation and stated, ‘She was the most inspiring speaker by far. She gave us the truth and didn’t try to tell us what we want to hear. She was honest and straightforward as well as kind and helpful.’” 

  • Sina Nader, CEO Swan Sleep Solutions

“Molly is a pleasure to work with for multiple reasons. At a macro level, she has a very clear understanding of how the various moving pieces interact in the healthcare world. And she understands what this means for stakeholders — starting with the individual/patient. She is also detail-oriented and quite thorough in her approach. Bottom line: she is a tremendous asset for any team.”