Medical Practice

I received my medical license in California in April 2013. Soon after starting my consultancy, I was hired to perform a 3-month clinical trial of 30 people involving weekly tracking of blood lipids and chemistry tests, and correlating these to daily Jawbone Up data. I enjoyed the regular contact I had with the study participants and realized I missed patient care. This was the point in my career when I realized that if I wanted to “be the change I wanted to see,” I wanted to practice medicine differently than my predecessors.

In November 2013, shortly after completing the clinical study, I opened my medical practice focused on helping individuals optimize their health using evidence-based wellness and technology. I began using what I had learned from studying functional medicine and the applications of genomics in clinical practice for the purposes of identifying disease risk and improving health.

In February 2014, after I gave a talk at a local Quantified Self meet-up on self-tracking to achieve health goals, the CEO of a company named GeneSolve approached me. He informed me that they had created a new expert system for health optimization. I joined the company in March 2014 after I met the cofounder Dr. Richard Lee and learned he had been developing artificial intelligence software systems, or “Expert Systems,” since the early 1980’s. Dr. Lee taught me his philosophy of clinical decision-making called evidential reasoning that was the underlying framework for the GeneSolve expert system named Arthur.

GeneSolve was a wonderful learning experience where I was able to apply and enhance my knowledge of optimizing health. At GeneSolve we focused on measuring and understanding our patient’s DNA, collecting and analyzing a comprehensive biometric panel, and taking an extensive medical history. Then we set targets for optimal levels of vitamins, enzymes, proteins, pre-hormones, and hormones. We provided a scientific approach to personalized supplements, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and tailored guidelines for nutrition and exercise. It was an idea founded in existing science, but brought together in a completely new way.

As Senior Researcher, I found, summarized, and organized the scientific research behind each lab, genetic marker, and formulary component. This was used to create the Physician Education Platform for onboarding new doctors. I also took the role as Senior Staff Physician and used Arthur in my practice with patients. Finally, I provided digital health expertise and knowledge of wearable technology, mobile apps, and digital health tools for self-tracking and real-time biofeedback. Unfortunately, GeneSolve suffered business management problems and closed its doors in early 2015.

I have continued my medical practice with a rigorous, data-driven approach to wellness. I use my expertise in laboratory testing interpretation and combine this with knowledge of genomics to help patients identify areas for optimizing their health. I use a highly personalized approach to help my patients improve nutrition, implement exercise, understand sleep, engage in mindfulness, manage energy, and enhance productivity. I believe the way to achieve results is to have clearly identified goals. I’ll help my patients outline their goals and a plan of action so that they can achieve lasting lifestyle changes. I am pioneering personalized medicine and the application of quantified-self devices to improve human health and prevent disease.