• Private Practice (07/2013 – present). Here I:
    • Combine my investigative medical research skills with lessons learned from a variety of medical disciplines (i.e. biomedicine, evidence-based medicine, functional medicine, & integrative medicine).
    • Optimize the health of my patients by taking an exceptionally long medical history and combining this with the very latest laboratory testing to correct underlying imbalances in different body systems.
    • Design health programs utilizing personalized preventive medicine and genomics.
    • Help my patients improve nutrition, implement exercise, understand sleep, engage in mindfulness, manage energy, regulate mood, and enhance productivity.


  • GeneSolve (03/2014 – 1/2015). At GeneSolve I:
    • Worked with Dr. Richard Lee, MD on an expert system named Arthur designed to aid physicians in optimizing patient health through the identification of body chemistry imbalances.
    • Gathered, organized, interpreted, and presented evidence-based research behind Arthur, which was was used for the design of the physician education platform used to onboard new GeneSolve practitioners.
    • Advised management on the implementation of various digital health technologies including patient portal development and electronic billing.
    • Negotiated with laboratory testing companies.
    • Authored website blog posts and spoke on behalf of GeneSolve at IDEO and on 16 different Fox News radio stations.
    • Provided digital health expertise and knowledge of wearable technology, mobile apps, and digital health tools for self-tracking and real-time biofeedback.
    • Used the GeneSolve expert system Arthur to optimize the health of my patients.


I serve as medical advisor to technology companies who require ongoing engagement beyond consultancy services. In this role I provide thought leadership, health care expertise, and business acumen to help develop effective methods to enhance customer and patient engagement.

  • Anonos (05/2014 – present). At Anonos I:
    • Provide insight on privacy and security in the digital health and IoT ecosystem to help the executive team create a compelling product & market positioning for their patented dynamic anonymity risk management control tools.
  • DoctorBase a Kareo Company (01/2014 – present). At DoctorBase I:
    • Act as a clinical communication liaison between our customers and senior management.
    • Communicate to physicians the value of the company’s digital product suite, which includes mobile health solutions, patient portals, patient engagement software, & medical practice marketing tools.
    • Provide strategic advice to company management regarding product features.
    • Contribute to newsletters, blog posts, and white papers sent to thousands of physicians throughout the United States.
  • Immunity Project (10/2013 – 06/2015). While working on the vaccine fundraising campaign I:
    • Translated HIV vaccine science into comprehensible models for a variety of audiences.
    • Engaged in strategy to bring awareness of this project through the media and by our non-profit partners.
    • Developed a partnership between Immunity Project and One Medical Group and helped organize a successful promotional event highlighting both companies.
    • Contributed to promotional materials used for a successful Kickstarter campaign, which raised over 462k for research.
  • Swan Sleep Solutions (07/2013 – present). At the company I:
    • Review app and digital platform products designed for optimizing sleep.
    • Participate in corporate sleep symposiums to engage the employees of corporate clients on how sleep affects productivity, safety, and performance.


I’m a tech-savvy physician with an entrepreneurial mindset. I run a boutique science consultancy that services health technology startups and venture capitalists who need help with clinical strategy, scientific marketing, research & product development. Highlighted clients:

  • Breathometer  (11/2014 – 02/2015). During their most recent fundraising round I:
    • Wrote a lengthy due diligence report on halitosis, VSC monitoring and oral health that included scientific (classification, epidemiology, pathophysiology) and market research (consumer beliefs, breath care market, potential product market size) for their newest breath analyzer, “Mint.”
  • Sherpa Ventures (07/2014 – 08/2014). I was brought on to:
    • Visit the company Cue ( in San Diego on behalf of S.V.
    • Write a detailed due diligence report on home laboratory testing technology, potential use-cases, advantages and disadvantages of their choice of tests and consumer interest in home biomarker tracking.
  • Sermo (03/2014 – 05/2014). I was hired by the company to:
    • Design a project to attract a younger physician audience to the physician social network.
    • Create a blueprint for an “app hub”—a comprehensive catalog of medical apps and connected medical devices organized by platform, FDA regulatory status, and end user.
  • SomaWater (02/2014 – 03/2014). I:
    • Participated in an intensive product development immersion at the Factory (a design innovation lab) for the design of an intelligent water bottle.
    • Gave a presentation on the quantified-self movement, self-tracking of human hydration, and cognitive offloading using the internet of things.
  • N3twork (02/2014 – 02/2015). Using my strong editorial and contextual voice I:
    • Found, curated, and posted digital video content related to digital health and wellness for the personal TV network.
  • 1Eq (11/2013– 02/2014). At 1Eq I:
    • Gave recommendations for software design and answered process-flow and use case questions posed by the business teams.
    • Provided research on diabetes for their flagship product, BabySteps, which is focused on pre-natal care.
  • Sano Intelligence (08/2013 – 02/2014). I was hired by the company to:
    • Perform literature reviews for intradermal continuous monitoring of hydration and glucose.
    • Translate medical research into real world actionable knowledge that guided product development & market positioning.
    • Recommend evidence-based metrics to provide direction for members of the team undergoing self-monitoring for research purposes.
    • Participate in continuous glucose monitoring to gather n=1 research.
    • Provide clinical advisory board recommendations.
  • Integrated Plasmonics (07/2013 – 10/2013). At the company, I:
    • Acted as Chief Investigator to design and carry out a three month observational research study of laboratory technology to identify patterns and trends in serial lipid and blood chemistry testing, patient experience data, and behavior tracking using Jawbone Up.
    • Contacted physicians on behalf of the company to gather clinical insights & market research.


  • 3scan (01/2013 – present). 3Scan has created a microscope that utilizes a novel serial sectioning technique to create three-dimensional models of tissue biology. At 3Scan I:
    • Deliver biotechnology and digital pathology industry research to the 3Scan team for business development & sales purposes.
    • Act as a bridge between the company and university medical doctors during advanced microscopy scanning technology research projects.
    • Help discover and define 3D pathology metrics and use-cases.


  • Meta Med (10/2012 – 07/2013). At this personalized medical research company, I:
    • Developed intake processes for gathering client health data used to identify and clarify patient goals for research projects.
    • Systematized research processes by creating a guided algorithm for effectively searching bibliographic databases, secondary literature repositories, and web-based information systems (Guide to Effective Searching).
    • Developed an evidence-based system for sorting medical literature, screening articles for bias, evaluating research methods, and analyzing statistics in order to generate Bayesian, data-driven research reports for clients and physicians.
    • Reviewed patient cases, wrote research papers, and developed the intake interview format.


  • Kaiser Permanente Medical Center (06/2011 – 09/2012). At Kaiser Oakland I:
    • Completed one year of postgraduate training in clinical medicine, which involved mastering the skills of history-taking, physical examination, clinical information analysis, differential diagnostic decision-making, and treatment plan development.
    • Presented lectures for educational conferences for an audience of faculty, residents, and students.
    • Supervised UCSF medical students rotating through the pediatric inpatient ward. After finishing my internship I decided to pursue a career in digital health.